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Soaring 385 meters above the surrounding cityscape, the PIF Tower (formerly known as CMA Tower) is the centerpiece of the financial plaza of the King Abdullah Financial District. The iconic 80-story crystalline office tower, which was the result of a successful joint venture between Omrania and HOK , is currently the tallest building in Riyadh. It symbolizes the beginning of a new era of global financial leadership within the Saudi capital.

Representing timeless architecture, the tower’s transparency reflects the cultural significance of the crystals found along the valleys of Saudi Arabia. This transparency creates openness and provides valuable natural lighting for the office spaces.

The design solution is a subtle blend of conventional and well understood techniques combined with international best practice and cutting edge technologies, merged with local expertise of construction techniques and methods for dealing with the harsh natural environment.

ANO will take place on this project by supplying the offices furniture.

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